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I bought a mare off Mandy in October. I was very nervous because I could not see the mare in person as I live in east Tennessee and I had never bought a horse unseen. Mandy eased my nervousness by making the buying process easy, answered all my questions and even helped me find transportation to bring the mare close to me. The mare I bought was sold to me sound and with all the proper paperwork as advertised. I would not hesitate to buy off her again and plan on doing so in the future.

Kattie Barnett

Bought a Mare off Mandy and she's been amazing!! Rode her today and she was great! She was really helpful as well in helping me find transportation to get her half way home since I'm all the way in Maine!! Thank you so much Mandy!! I highly recommend her!!

Asia Wood

Since the moment I met Mandy I knew she was a very honest and smart woman! Mandy has the knowledge of a 70 year old cowboy. She has smooth hands and knows exactly how to start & finish a horse! She is so kind and easy to work with! Horses are always her priority. She makes sure all horses go to great homes! She is so easy to communicate with. I have enjoyed doing business with her and I look forward to it again! Thank you Mandy for my sweet gelding!! Check out her horses!!

Daylon Crotts

Mandy has great patience and training skills from the ground up! I will absolutely keep my eye on all horses she is working with! They will be ready to give you 100% when you take them home!

Melody Fee

looks to be very knowledgeable, and good professionalism. answers questions promptly. I'm looking for that special horse and haven't adopted yet. but when I find him or her I'm sure I'll use Polished Horse Sales,LLC

Julia White

I'm not much in to social media. I use FB as a resource for information.  I stumbled upon Polished Horse Sales and was immediately drawn by Mandy's photos depicting her progress with her horses.  I started paying closer attention to individual horses and how they progressed to be ready for their new home, along with Mandy's attention to finding and guiding that outcome.  So, one day I decided to just stop by.  I was not only met with enthusiastic open arms but also witnessed a calm and inviting, friendly oasis for her very loved horses.  Mandy presented healthy horses with information that demonstrated each positive as well as negative characteristics she knew.  Fast forward... an introduction, visits that included a bath, a pre-purchase exam that Mandy without hesitation agreed to (side note, veterinarian was very complimentary with the horse presented), and my perfect trail partner is home.  Thank you Mandy for doing what you do and being you. I can't stress enough, anyone looking for a horse, go check out everything else first, because if Mandy has what you're looking for, you won't need to go anywhere else.

Rene Hollis

I recently bought my first horse through Polished Horse Sales and I've never been so excited! The owner, Mandy, was a pleasure to work with! She's very knowledgeable about horses, answered all of my questions right away, was very professional, was easy to work with and most importantly she was HONEST! She has horses that are overall kind souls and wants them to go to the right owners. You can see she really cares about all of her animals when you go to look at her horses. I highly recommend her!

Carla Danesi

Mandy is extremely knowledgeable and understands horses! She definitely has a gift! She is extremely easy to work with and made the process of purchasing our horse a pleasure! We can't thank you enough for Chevy! We highly recommend Polished Horse Sales!

Denise Gurney Topkin

Honest, Honest, Honest!!! Mandy is an amazing horse trainer and everything she told me about the horse I purchased from her was 100% true!!!! There were no unpleasant surprises.......not one!!! Mandy is a true professional in her trade and has a wealth of knowledge and experience well beyond her years. My horse has quickly become a barn favorite with the vet, farrier and all stable workers due to her IMPECCABLE ground manners and sweet personality! She is just as perfect under saddle and safe as can be! I was lucky enough to find Mandy and Polished Horse Sales and now I own the horse of my dreams!!!!

Kristie Miller Mason

The best thing you can do for a horse is to train him. You can see in all of the horses Mandy works with she takes the time to build their confidence and make them the horse they are.

Erica Roberts

Kind individual, who has a way with animals. You can tell the love that goes into training and caring for these horses.

Samantha Capp

Mandy has exceptional talent and skills that clearly show through each horse she works with. Patience, kindness, and above all- brains! She knows what she is doing and she is doing it right! As someone that has had the pleasure and opportunity to worth with some of the country's highest trained horses, I can vouch that her work is real - the proof is in the pudding. I wouldn't trust anyone else to help train my own!

Jamie Lynn Augustyn

I will always recommend this place to anyone ! They are so nice and the place is beautiful and peaceful

Aubree Brooks

Awesome that someone cares so much about these horses to put so much work and effort into helping them

Janice Silva

Mandy is a very honest person as my horse is everything she said he was. She was very helpful and passionate about what she does.

Amanda Butterworth

very honest..hard to find in the horse world!!

Kathy Barnhill

Mandy is amazing she trains her horses well , i could not wish for any better horse ivegotten from her

Sky Carpenter

I absolutely love the way she trains horses. Every horse she posts I drool over and makes me want to ride again.

Nikki Tobin

Mandy is awesome!!! So sweet and easy to work with! Doesn't mind answering 100 questions, and brought the horse to a beautiful park so we could ride her as long as we want and see if there was a good connection!

Kristen Krutz

I recently purchased a horse from Mandy sight unseen.  I NEVER do this!  However, this is a testimonial to the professionalism and honesty  of Mandy and how she made the process very easy.  From the beginning she was very upfront about the input on the horses, had professional pictures, videos, papers, all vaccination information, deworming and trim schedule, panel testing, etc handy and sharable.  She is an excellent seller and even after I put the deposit on the horse she continued to send photos and videos.  She was more than willing to help schedule the prepurchase exam and kept me up to speed while the vet was there.  Never once did she get frustrated with all the questions I asked and remained willing throughout.    I had to send a shipper from TX, she was willing to work with them on pick up date(s) and was there to get my filly on the trailer and video'd her legs for me before she got on.  That day she sent me the papers certified mail along with any transfers I needed to make it easy.  HIGHLY RECOMMEND, VERY PROFESSIONAL, Would buy from again.

Dawn Byars

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